Ability & Activities

Ability & Workforce:
Equipped with professional service staff to communicate effectively, provide consultation and management to employers.
Equipped with all necessary communication amenities, self-owned training facilities, self-owned facility for technical test.
Team of service staff to respond to employer(s) and worker(s) on issues arising hiring, placement and employment of workers.
Team of field staff to respond to service team about the availability of human resources in their areas, advertise about the agency, make arrangements for bringing workers to Kathmandu for interview.
Management team comprises of members with several years of substantial experience in foreign trade, placement, liaison, legal matters, marketing, protocol, human resource development, training etc.

Special Activities:
Employment Opportunities Service Desk: Maintains up-to date registration and records of candidates.
Bio-data Bank: Maintains detailed information of individuals. Helps to sort out right people for right job.
Pre-Departure Orientation: Emphasizes on company?s rules and regulation, detailed information on employment contract, information on culture of the country concerned, cultural shocks and adaptation strategy, airport procedures and another do’s and don’ts.
Refresher training: Refresher Training for the selected candidates before departure in order to enable them to perform the job efficiency, effectively and to acquire adequate competencies.
Visits: Arranger regular visit by its representative and concerned country in order to exchange feedback from the workers and employers.