Selection Procedure

Selection Of Candidates:
On receipt of recruitment permission to ARIMS, advertisement is published in local newspapers to collect the application from interested and qualified persons. Applications thus received/collected are scrutinized by selection committee as per the requirement of employer and short list of applicants are prepared for final interview. Short listed candidates are called for interview, which is performed under the presence of employer or representative and final name list of selected candidates is prepared.

Medical examination:
Candidates of final name list are sent for medical examination in authorized hospital and clinics. Only the candidates who are found medically fit are eligible for the employment opportunity.

Forwarding documents:
Documents such as passport copy, photo and educational & experience certificates of candidates eligible for employment opportunity are forwarded to respective employer/company by attaching the medical certificate which is necessary for visa procedure in employment country.

Time period and departure procedure:
Upon receiving calling visa/entry visa of employment country, ARIMS will start making necessary arrangement to send the candidates. During this period all the candidates will be given orientation about the general rules and regulations of company/employer and employment country. Formalities to be done in Nepal government to send the candidates will be completed in its own effort.

ARIMS is responsible to deploy manpower (workers) in time except under uncontrollable situation like unavailability of air ticket or others reason.